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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please read carefully

This 1to1 Program information is relevant for families of current and new students to the school, Years 3-6 (or end of year, Grade 2's). Your child will only be eligible to use an Apple 1to1 MacBook if they're approaching (or currently in) Year 3 to 6.  We have an iPad program for Prep-2 students. 


Families with a child in Year 2 can start sourcing an Apple MacBook device from the beginning of term 4 of their child being in Grade 2 (before Year 3 starts), but not any earlier. Teachers of Year 2 have agreed to allow MacBook devices into their classrooms, once configured by the school. This will enable students to start becoming familiar with their MacBook computers before entering Year 3.  See below for more information of where you can obtain Apple devices (new or used)


The government has now mandated rules on how devices can be bought and used within Victorian government schools. You can no longer pay off or lease a new device directly with Seabrook Primary School, however you can still purchase a NEW EDUcation MacBook with the school, using our Apple Authorised Education Reseller (https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/). Alternatively, you can source your own new or used Apple MacBook (2017 or newer), but please ensure that it is in full working order and files backed up before bringing it into Seabrook Primary School. The school is not responsible for any file loss, or repairing devices not presented in full working order. 


Used MacBook Air's in excellent working order, manufactured around 2017/18 are usually priced from $350, and represent great value for money.  Apple MacBook's if looked after can perform well in primary and secondary schools for many years, and often get passed down to younger siblings. They're durable, light weight, fast, and perfectly suited to schools.  A great number of our current (and exited) students are still using older devices purchased with the school, some computers over eight years old. Our Year 6 families leaving Seabrook Primary School at the end of the year, sometimes want to on-sell their child's device. If you know of any family leaving, they may be interested in selling their child's device to you (preferably 2017 or newer). If buying used, check that the keys are working/pressing down properly and not loose, that the hinge is tight and the screen doesn't fall backwards if opened upright, and that there is no visible damage to the charger cord or external ports on the side of the device. You should NOT hear a loud fan noise if turned on. If required, the school IT department may be able to check over any device prior to purchase, but can't necessarily check battery or internal condition. 


If families are sourcing a Bring Your Own MacBook (BYOM - used or new), then all users of the device MUST backup any files/photos and sign out of iCloud before it is brought in for configuration. Ensure the device does not have any firmware passwords either. Existing files currently saved on any BYOM device cannot be retrieved once the device has been configured for school use.  BYOM devices can be dropped off at the front office for configuration at any time. Please leave your contact details, and your child's name and classroom information with the MacBook being configured.


Any 1to1 MacBook (new or used) will be for your child to have independent use of while at Seabrook Primary School.  Some restrictions will be applied to your child's school configured device, ensuring that primary aged students are protected as best we can, and that all school and Department "Acceptable Use Policies" are followed. This is mandatory if you are supplying or buying a device through our supplier.  When your child leaves the school, you will need to temporarily return the MacBook to Seabrook Primary School for factory resetting. All school admin passwords and restrictions will be removed, and it must be returned to factory original. Families are responsible for backing up any required files and photos, online documents, and handing the device to the school for factory resetting before leaving Seabrook.



It is the responsibility of your child(ren) and yourself to ensure all required documents, files, pictures, Minecraft EDU worlds etc. are backed up reqularly.  A portable USB or Hard Drive is an option to backup files onto. The school and staff take no responsibility for any file loss while your child is using a MacBook for school use.  Although rare, it is possible that your child may present with a software issue at the ICT office where files can't be backed up, and the system needs to be restored.  In this rare situation files will be lost, demonstrating the importance of backing up regularly, especially important files or pictures. This important information is regularly communicated by classroom teachers, online, in our newsletter, and by ICT staff. Please be clear that you and your children must take steps to backup important data and family pictures yourself.  School devices aren't recommended to store family photos or videos of family events and holidays.  



Pricing and purchase of Education MacBook's can be done through our Online Portal, however a login username is required before you can log in and submit your order. The login can be obtained from the school.


Online Portal: https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/ 



Any MacBook's purchased using our Online Education Reseller (https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/) or brought in as a BYOM device will be managed only by the school. Due to software/management licensing, this condition is mandatory. Your child cannot participate within our 1to1 Program if this condition cannot be met. If your child does not participate in the 1to1 Program, then a shared classroom device will be loaned to your child(ren) for use during school times only. School allocated/shared devices cannot be taken home. School owned devices may need to be shared with up to one other child (1 device between 2 students).


You can ask any further questions about the MacBook 1to1 Program by clicking here (1to1@seabrook.vic.edu.au).



Insurance information:

Education insurance is no longer available through the school. You should carefully consider adding any 1to1 MacBook device to your home and contents insurance.  AppleCare PLUS also provides insurance to a new MacBook. Please consider adding AppleCare PLUS to any new Apple MacBook purchase.



Apple Warranty information:

Apple warranty is usually standard for one year only (when purchasing new through an Australian retail outlet) unless you opt to buy a three year AppleCare PLUS extended warranty (highly recommended). AppleCare PLUS is no longer included within our education pricing if purchasing through our school Online Portal. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO ADD APPLECARE PLUS to your child's brand NEW Apple MacBook at time of ordering online (through our Online Portal) or if purchasing new elsewehere. All devices purchased through our Education supplier will have a 3 year consumer law warranty but NOT accidental damage coverage. If you opt in to purchase AppleCare PLUS, this will provide your device with both 3 year extended warranty (for rare failures) and also 3 years insurance (for accidental damage). AppleCare PLUS protects against failure and accidental damage only, but NOT loss or theft. 


Unlimited claims of accidental damage can be made each year (for up to 3 years from date of purchase), but only if AppleCare PLUS is added to your child's device. An insurance excess payment is required for each claim made, prior to repairing your child's damaged device. 


In almost all cases, the school will try and assist with any warranty or AppleCare insurance repairs. If the device is out of warranty, we may still be able to help.  Please visit the ICT Department with your request.


MacBook 1to1 contact email: click to email -->   1to1@seabrook.vic.edu.au 







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