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Although this information is generally relevant for families of current students or new students in Year 3-6, or students in Years 2-5 (next year), your child will only be eligible to receive a 1to1 MacBook device (for their educational use), if they're in Year 3 to 6 at time of receiving the device.


Prices are almost always cheaper ordering through the school than most retail outlets. Education MacBooks can be purchased using tax/bulk ordering benefits of the school, they include 3 Years Standard AppleCare warranty (AppleCare PLUS upgrade optional), will include built in EDUcation insurance, and your child will receive a USB-C adapter.  Retail devices however, will usually come with 1 year warranty only (not 3 years). You will pay a higher price to add the 3 year AppleCare PLUS extended warranty, more costs to include the device as part of your home and contents insurance (portable coverage), and to buy the adapter. Please carefully consider all options and the related total costs before buying new, elsewhere.


Your school purchased device will be supported as much as possible within the first 3 or 4 years for any Warranty and Insurance claims (dependent on your device coverage dates). All Bring Your Own MacBook (BYOM) devices will not receive the same extended support, other than being configured/updated with education software.  Insurance and warranty claims for BYOM devices are completed by the family, not the school. Please consider insurance options for BYOM devices as part of your Home and Contents (as portable coverage). Parents MUST backup any files on BYOM devices (used or new) and sign out of iCloud, before they are brought in for configuration. Files can not be retrieved after the device has been configured.


A deposit is required to start the ordering process for all new "Education MacBook's", and devices need to be paid in full before they are received. Please contact the school if you are considering a payment plan, or wish to pay off a new device.


It is a requirement that all 1to1 MacBook's purchased through the school, or brought in as a BYOM device, be managed only by the school. Due to software/management licensing and tax laws, this condition is compulsory. Your child cannot participate within our 1to1 Program if this condition is not met, and only shared classroom devices will be the only devices available to your child(ren).


MacBook payment plans and orders are always being taken. Please complete your "Intent to Order" using the online form (below).


You can ask any further questions about the MacBook 1to1 Program by clicking here (1to1@seabrook.vic.edu.au).









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