Student Health And Well-Being


Seabrook Primary School continues to strive to meet the emotional social, physical and academic needs of every learner in our care. Student Wellbeing is critical in ensuring children are ready to learn. 


If families have any concerns about the welfare or wellbeing of any student, we ask that you please contact the class teacher, the Assistant Principals or Principal.



Over the past few years there has been an increasing number of children who are being diagnosed as having severe allergic reactions to certain foods and insect stings.


In our school there are students who have been medically diagnosed as having anaphylaxis which can be severe, rapidly progressive allergic reactions that can be life threatening.


We want to provide a safe and supportive environment in which all students at risk can participate in all aspects of schooling. We also want to reduce the anxieties for these students and their families by educating our community about the dangers certain food products brought to school pose.


Foods to be aware of include peanuts, tree nuts (hazelnuts, cashews and almonds) eggs, cow’s milk, wheat and soy. Other common allergens are insect stings, latex, medications and anaesthesia. In a school setting cross contamination from one child to another during eating time is of concern. This contamination could be the result of food wrappings, crumbs, and spills, be airborne or through children sharing equipment within the classroom environment.


We appreciate your understanding and hope you will support the children who are affected by this condition. The children dealing with these allergies will feel supported knowing that other children are not bringing in particular, peanut and other nut based spreads and products to school.


Should you require further information regarding allergies please refer to the following websites:


Anaphylaxis Policy Dec 2022

Allergy reactions

Treatment plan for Allergic Rhinitis ( Hay Fever)



Medication Authority Form

Student safety engagement and well being policy 2022


Classroom Essential Agreements 2024 

Prep -  0EP, 0GR, 0NB, 0OK, 0PT. 0RS

Year 1- 0ER, 1HS, 1JB, 1KM, 1NT

Year 2 - 2BJ, 2BM, 2CS, 2EC, 2JH, 2ML, 2SH
Year 3 - 3AH, 3AK, 3EC, 3KM, 3MS, 3NT
Year 4 - 4JB, 4JJ, 4MT, 4SS
Year 5 - 5AH, 5FW, 5LL 5LL, 5OD, 5SS

Year 6 - 6FL, 6SB, 6SM, 6SS



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