Learning Programs

At Seabrook Primary School we make basic assumptions about learning which underpin our actions.


These are:

  • All students want to learn and are capable of learning.
  • Learning is best supported in classrooms which promote a co-operative and inquiry based learning approach
  • Classrooms which promote self-esteem and confidence aid learning
  • Students need regular feedback and teacher reflective statements commenting on their learning performance (skills, knowledge and action) in order to improve their learning
  • The development and understanding of concepts or 'big ideas' about the world through a curriculum that is broad and comprehensive (PYP's six transdisciplinary themes)
  • Student setting learning goals, tracking learning through developmental continua and reflection
  • Keeping profiles, samples of work and anecdotal records help teachers plan appropriate learning experiences for each student.

Curriculum teams and unit teams therefore attempt to develop learning and teaching approaches which:

  • Build upon previous learning which will lead to future learning
  • Build confidence in the use of inquiry process, experimenting and creative activities
  • Focus on creating situations where students can practice and apply their skills and knowledge
  • Assist students in active participation in their learning, by presenting an integrated curriculum approaches to learning
  • Match teaching styles to learning styles
  • Enhance co-operation and support between students, students and teachers, students, teachers and parents.
  • Fosters risk taking.
  • Plan situations which build self-awareness and enjoyment.


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