Our challenge at Seabrook Primary School is to prepare students for their future, equiping them with the skills required for successful participation in their future world. Our ICT program aims to develop a range of learning experiences that are engaging, authentic and challenging and provide students with the opportunity to become confident, appropriate users of ICT.


In today’s interconnected, technology driven world, students require the opportunities to create new learning possibilities, enhance achievements and extend interactions with local and global communities. At Seabrook Primary School teachers and students work collaboratively creating music, movies, photo stories, animation and many other multi-media tools to support their learning and use these tools to communicate.


'21st Century education integrates technologies, engaging students in ways not previously possible, creating new learning and teaching possibilities, enhancing achievement and extending interactions with local and global communities.' MCEETYA.


Parents - Cyber safety at home


A short video, "How Cybersmart are you?" has been released by Cybersmart. The video is designed to help parents navigate through the online world of their teenagers and provides strategies on how to protect their children from potential online risks. The video sits at the base of the internet page. Definitely worth a look and so are the attached posters.


Mac Book Program

The Mac Book program, allows learners to have a portable, hand-held device that can connect each learner with their teacher and other learners or experts, with real-world contexts for learning, multimedia resources, software for learning and online tools and applications. Learning in a 1-to-1 environment opens up new possibilities for learning or make it easier to exploit existing learning opportunities. Learning can be more active and student centered. 1-to-1 digital devices connect directly with individual learners as they engage with learning activities and collaborate online within and beyond their schools. A learner's individual, connected, digital device can be an important part of a blended learning environment because it supports personalised learning and just-in-time integration of ICT into learning activities.


The Department of Education and Early Childhood has released research articles that articulate the importance of creating a learning platform that will support students with 21st century skills. I encourage parents to read the articles attached.


DEECD Frequent Asked Questions


Harnessing ICT for quality learning and teaching


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