Dear parents and carers,

On-site attendance
New on-site arrangements have been made due to new tighter government restrictions for on-site school attendance.

In the case where there is no adult in the home and no other arrangements are possible, children may attend on-site for their remote learning programs. There are some limited exceptions.

Unfortunately, we will not be able accept students on-site without the following documents that should be received at least a day prior to attendance:

  1. A copy of the on-site attendance form/s each week for each child
  2. Copies of signed permitted workers forms for both parents (if applicable). Please note employers may be contacted for verification.

Remote learning

We do appreciate the wonderful way parents are supporting their children with remote learning as we all adapt to life in the stage 4 lockdown.  Teachers are reaching out to their classes in a variety of ways and we strongly encourage parents to oversee the learning that is taking place.  It is very important for every child to hook into their class activities on line where ever possible.  Your child’s attendance each day is recorded through their interaction and while we appreciate this is a difficult time for most parents it is important the children are supported to interact.  We are required to record their daily attendance and for some children their daily attendance percentages are falling. Please make contact with your child’s teacher about this or if you or your child needs additional help to engage or complete tasks.  Families are also requested to let us know if your child is experiencing any technical difficulties. 

It must be noted that remote learning is a modified learning platform that does not aim to replicate the classroom environment. Please note that the Department of Education & Training (DET) guidelines stipulate that students in Foundation to Year 2 should undertake a minimum of 2.5 hours of learning each day, whilst students in Years 3 to 6 complete a minimum of approximately 3.5 hours each day.

As we move on into this period of remote teaching and learning we will of course continue to review and ‘tweak’ our Remote Learning platforms to ensure a high standard of provision for all students.


This is a matter for all of us during this difficult time.  As economic and health issues are of major concerns within our community it is valuable to look for balance.  Wendy Treloar our well-being teacher has sent out links to organisations for both children and parents to engage in.  We strongly encourage our families to take some time to work on their general health and well-being.



The National Disability Insurance Agency would like to invite Victorian families and carers of school aged children to attend a session about NDIS updates in the current COVID-19 environment. Virtual information sessions.

Best wishes to all our families.  We are all in this together!

Susan Lee


Seabrook Primary School






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