During this extraordinary time, we request that families be very cautious and vigilant about NOT allowing the installation of non-approved software onto school managed devices (includes 1to1 and BYOM MacBook’s).

A number of unapproved/unverified apps are being circulated and installed onto “school” and “personal” devices, potentially putting family and child privacy at great risk. A couple of these well known apps are now having law suits filed against them for misleading and sharing private information from user devices.
Although we worked hard to try and get student devices (Years 3-6) upgraded before the holidays, not all students received our major update in time. For those that did receive this, then the “SEABROOK Self Service“ APP is where children must install approved apps from, no exception. For all other devices, we strongly advise caution against installing anything new, unless you read it as approved through the usual school information portals (including from your teachers). The Years 3-6 MacBook “SEABROOK Self Service” app also contains year level specific bookmarks.
Now is a more important time than ever to help protect yourselves against malicious software and to seriously consider your families privacy first. Generally speaking, if it’s free, then there is a good chance there will be a trade off.
We thank the families who have reached out first, obtaining advice before installing any new apps. A good reminder to us all, that “Acceptable Use Policies” of both the Education Department and our school still need to be adhered to for all 1to1 and BYOM devices. Policies related to online bullying, installing of apps, and ensuring only G-rated (age appropriate) content are all still enforced, even when at home.
Please stay safe online during this difficult time.

Cyber Safety letter to parents and carers Septamber 2020

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