Please READ MORE to find out who can attend school while we're in flexible and remote learning. Flexible and remote learning will start from Wednesday August 5, 2020. Only students who fit the three criteria can attend school. The form will need to be filled out every week.

This attentance form MUST be emailed to the school email once every week.


Following on from the Premier’s latest announcement of the Stage 4 Restrictions.

The Department of Education and Training have issued further restrictions on students who attend on site.

From this Wednesday 5 August, the criteria for students who can attend on-site has changed as follows:

• children whose parents are permitted workers.
• vulnerable children in out of home care, children known to child protection and other agencies and children the school identifies as vulnerable
• children with a disability who also fit one of the above two categories.

Please note, this criteria is strict and must be adhered to by all members of the community. No exceptions will be made outside of the above categories. We must all do our part to eliminate this pandemic, and as much as we understand that this may be hard at times for families, the direction is quite clear that students who fit the above categories are the only students who can attend school.

Please return to the Seabrook Primary School email before Monday morning of each week

Thank you



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